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FarmLink: Assuring the best for our customers by sourcing only locally.


It's an ironic truth that the food produced closest to you can often be the hardest to get. West Michigan FarmLink changes that by doing all the leg work for you: sourcing locally-grown products from throughout Michigan. Working with a range of small - and - mid-size farms and artisanal producers, FarmLink provides the kinds of products you seek. As a result, we can offer our customers top quality products, direct from the farms, at a fair price.

We are also taking precautions to keep you safe. We are sterilizing our crates and trucks. We have streamlined our drop off and pick up protocols to preserve social distancing. Deliveries are dropped at your door for contactless delivery. 


Great Product: Nothing is fresher than local. Nothing is better than great product purchased directly from someone you know. We provide easy access to farm-fresh products delivered directly from family farms and artisanal producers, any of which are not available anywhere else.


Value: We offer our Members competitive prices on superior products with exceptional service. You pay a small surcharge, not a traditional mark up, to purchase through FarmLink. This way the farmers keep the lion's share of the profit, since they do the lion's share of the work.

Convenience: One-stop shopping and consolidated billing for farm-fresh products. FarmLink makes one delivery with products from multiple growers.  Buyers write one check as opposed to several.

Transparency: Everything purchased through FarmLink is 100% traceable - you know which producer you are ordering from, and are encouraged to speak directly with the farmer if you have questions or special requests.

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