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West Michigan FarmLink was started with one thing in mind...helping local farms sell their products to local consumers. So we created - the online marketplace that does just that. Our farmers and producers post their products and prices (that's right, the farmers set their prices) on our website. Our aim is to create a food community that empowers both Members and Farmers. 


Our Members place their orders online during a weekly three day shopping cycle. Each shopping basket is packaged to order and brought to our World Headquarters here in Grand Rapids. FarmLink sorts everything by customer. Members can pick up their orders Tuesdays at our Grand Rapids warehouse. You never know which of our chefs or farmers you'll run into. 


We have delivery options available. For a fee we will deliver to the areas on the map below.  Please contact us at for more information.

First Time Buyers


  • Access multiple wholesale buyers through one point-of-sale

  • Consolidate multiple sales into one transaction

  • Develop new revenue streams while cutting delivery costs


  • Easy access to the freshest products West Michigan has to offer.

  • Access to multiple growers through a single, easy-to-use website.

  • Multiple purchases consolidated into single transaction and invoice.

  • Receive one delivery from multiple growers and producers

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"FarmLink is an easy date for a farmer. They can facilitate access to current customers and open us up to clients we never would have thought of. We have sold a lot of product through the years through this easy-to-use system."


Nathan Creswick,

Creswick Farms

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