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Make sure to fill your baskets with all of the bright colors and bold flavors of the season!


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West Michigan Farmlink is the online marketplace where local buyers can purchase local foods. We make it possible to shop dozens of local farms and food producers on one convenient website.
Hungry kids!
We can handle this.
Asparagi? FarmLink's got it.
Makings for The Big Salad?
Bounty in the palms of our hands.
Cobs of Michigan's finest corn.
More greenery goodness.
Black beanies! Where's the weanies?
Baguette & Cheese
Eggs first? Or chicken?
Turn that bread into wine!
Rows of opportunity.
Mixed veggies.
Tiny little tomatoes.
Red potatoes, white potatoes, blue potatoes.
More asparagus!
Wagyu Steak is better than steak!
FarmLink Delivery Zones

Buy local, farm fresh food from one website.

"FarmLink is an inspirational success in our community.

Jerry and his team have made it possible for the busy chef to acquire seasonal and organic products locally. FarmLink has not only made farm-to-table possible, but they have made

it sensible."



-American Culinary Federation,

Grand Rapids, MI

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